"The company's vision is to raise awareness of the values ​​of nature through inspiring and sustainable nature experiences with an artistic touch."



We are curious about everythting outside the door.

We highly value knowledge of nature and are curious individuals who constantly seek to learn more. Our nature experiences provide this knowledge. We believe that by truly learning to see all the creatures around us, our world becomes clearer, becoming more beautiful and valuable.

Hanna, who primarily runs the company, is both a wilderness guide and biologist, contributing expertise in both biology and outdoor life.

"I want you to experience with all your senses what I love to experience, from charming little bees hiding in the bluebells to the vast space beneath towering trees that lift the sky on their shoulders."

Art of Adventures have knowledge about nature
Always with a personal touch


Always with a personal touch.

We like to use our imagination and add that little extra to our nature experiences. However, what it becomes and in what way, that varies. It could be anything from the framing, a color, a feeling, a floral arrangement, an intriguing bag...


Sea, forests and lakes.

The region of Bohuslän is known not only for its beautiful archipelago and picturesque coastal landscapes but also for its beautiful forests and lakes beyond the coastline. Bohuslän stretches from Gothenburg in the south to the border with Norway in the north, providing a diverse range of nature habitats.

Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden, is situated to the south and serves as a convenient starting point for trips to and around Bohuslän.

On warm summer evenings, you can smell the wonderful fragrance of the provincial flower, honeysuckle. One of our favourite flowers!

Bohuslän is also forests and lakes


Meet us out there.