Forest and Nordic folklore - evening hike

What mythological creatures can you meet in the Nordic folklore? During this evening forest hike we tell you about them. Maybe you can feel their presence behind the mossy stones when we walk between the dark stems of the trees?

This evening hike includes a break and an ”around the fire coffee” with Bohuslän province's most distinct and traditional dish  ”äggost” with blackberry jam. 


What creatures hide here?
John Bauer troll, a classic troll picture
Lanterns in the dark
There is so much to see int he dark
Lake in Svartedalen


The nature reserve of Svartedalen, 50 km north from Gothenburg Central Station. 

After booking you get more information about our meeting point.

Time of the year:

Monday-Friday during winter, spring and autumn.


2,5 - 3 h

Starting time in the evening:


Group size:

10-20 people.


600 SEK/adult, 300 SEK/children,

including  coffee around the fire with Bohuslän province’s traditional dish ”äggost”.



To take part of this tour you have to wear hiking boots/sturdy shoes and be able to walk 3 km up and down on small paths. Of course we adjust the pace after group ability. This tour is also suitable for families.

We stay in Gothenburg. How do we get to the meeting point in Svartedalen?

Since Svartedalen is a bit off commercial traffic, we recommend sharing a car or a rental car. If that’s not possible for you, bee in touch with us for another solution.