Sleep in a Tentipi

Skip one of your hotel nights and do something else! Try a Tentipi sleep over in the beautiful wilderness area of Svartedalen. We help you to put up and take down the Tentipi, its also included all equipment you need to cook our dinner and your cooffe over the open fire. 

Sleep in a tentipi
We bring lanterns
Good night
Cooking  on a tentipi tour
Hello there, I liked the tentipi
We help you with the Tentipi
We bring you a coffee pot for your morning coffee
Sleep in a Tentipi
Evening light on our Tentipi


The nature reserve of Svartedalen, 50 km north from Gothenburg Central Station. 

After booking you get more information about our meeting point.

Time of the year:

Monday-Friday during winter, spring, summer and autumn.


Arond 11.00 -11.00 the next day.

Starting time:

You choose your own time to start.

Group size:

The Tentipi have place for 8 adults. 

There is room for 2 medium families.


3000 SEK,

this includes

- Service with transport of the quiment out into the forest.

- Putting up and down the Tentipi.

- Equiment for cooking your outdoor dinner.


Do you want to sleep close to the parking place or farther out in the forest? We adjust your base camp after what you want.

We stay in Gothenburg. How do we get to the meeting point in Svartedalen?

Since Svartedalen is a bit off commercial traffic, we recommend sharing a car or a rental car. If that’s not possible for you, bee in touch with us for another solution.