"The buzzing garden"

In our private little garden you learn about wild bees and other lovable insects. Simply - we show you tips and tricks  about how to get your own buzzing garden and why we must take care of the insects. 

You also participate in a workshop where you build your own bee hotel.

You are here with us in 3 hours  and during that time we also have a coffee with "Swedish fika".


Meet butterflies in the buzzing garden
Meeting in the buzzing garden
Our "house frog"
Painting a bee hotel
Learn about butterflies
Learn about solitary bees
An aurora butterfly

Be curious and enjoy the beautiful, interesting world of  the insects!

A beautiful visitor
Meet bumlebees
Some butterflies are not shy


Sörbyvägen 22

471 72 Hjälteby

Time of the year:

June, july and august - only bookings!


3 h

Starting time in day:


Group size:




Suitable for children and adults from 6 years plus.

We are doing carpentry and painting - wear durable, comforable clothes.

We stay in Gothenburg. How do we get to Tjörn?

There are buses going to Tjörn, bus stop Räfsal is 800 meter from the buzzing garden. If you are staying att Tjörn, there are nice bicycle paths all over the island.