Our guided nature experiences  2024

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Guided nature experiences 2024
Old growth fores - day hiking tour

Old growth forest - day hiking tour

Great views, sparkling lakes and an old mossy forest with a soul.

Forest and folklore - evening hiking tour

Forest and folklore - evening hiking tour

What mythological creatures can you meet in the Scandinavian folklore? 

Art of Adventures - try outdoor life in Sweden

Try outdoor life 

 A perfect family day! During a 4 km hike we cook our own food and try out a lot of other wilderness challenges.  

Sleep in a tentipi in Sweden

Sleep in a Tentipi

In the forest, togheter with friends and family, this is  a really cozy activity that makes you come closer to each other and the nature!

A Swedish fika in a Swedsih forest

Bohuslandic coffee around the open fire

Experience an outdoor 'fika' around the fire with Bohuslän's traditional dish 'äggost' and blackberry jam. Our team sets up a cozy campfire, providing a perfect spot for a serene outdoor moment with your group.

The buzzing garden

The buzzing garden

Learn about wild bees and build your own bee hotel.